What documents do you need for a home loan mortgage?

What documents do you need for a home loan mortgage?

Below is a checklist of documents the lender will need from you to get you preapproved for a home loan.

  1. ❑ Paystub for the last 30 days
  2. ❑ W-2 forms covering the last two years
  3. ❑ Signed federal tax return, last two years  (both personal and business if applicable)
  4. ❑ Documentation for any other income sources
  5. ❑ Bank statements  (two most recent, include all pages… even if blank)
  6. ❑ Documentation of the source of your down payment: investment or savings account statements showing at least two months' history of ownership. If some of the funds were a gift, get a statement signed by the giver declaring the funds were a gift.
  7. ❑ Documentation of name change  (if recent)
  8. ❑ Proof of your identity  (typically a drivers’ license or non-driver ID)
  9. ❑ Social security number  (SSN)
  10. ❑ Home Owners Insurance
  11. ❑ For an existing home purchase, provide a purchase agreement and all addendums  (signed by all parties)
  12. ❑ Other documents may be required
  13. ❑ Servicemembers or Veterans wanting to take advantage of the VA’s Home Loan Guarantee Program should obtain a certificate of eligibility from the VA.

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