Why Work With A REALTOR®? The expert Approach to HOME BUYING

Dated: September 1 2018

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The expert approach to home buying

Why Work With A Realtor?

Today's homebuyers have more access than ever before to real estate listings and advanced search options through the internet - from individual agent websites to the large publishers like Zillow & Trulia.

Yet, the majority of homebuyers are electing to contract with an agent or broker to aid in the home buying process. With so much information readily available online, clients often wonder, "Why should we hire a real estate agent?"

Local Expertise
Local eXpertise
We have access to in-depth knowledge about your desired home and neighborhood. We can identify comparable sales information, data on schools, crime or demographics. For example, you might be interested in a home listed for $250,000. That might seem like a good price until we dig deeper to find that it's been on the market for 90 days, two previous offers fell through, and comparable
houses are selling for much less. These could be important factors in your offer.

We will listen carefully to your priorities and compile a custom search tailored to your needs so you don't waste time on properties that don’t fit the bill. We can also discern and help you define market conditions, which will govern your buying process. Many factors determine how you might proceed. Information such as the average per square foot cost of similar homes, median and average sales prices, and average days on market and ratios of list-to-sold prices, among other criteria, should factor heavily in your ultimate decision.

Negotiation eXpertise
Negotiation eXpertise
You don’t want to just call the agent on a listing you like and make your offer. That agent is working for the seller, who is (naturally) working to get top dollar for their client.

You need a "buyer’s agent," who will represent you exclusively. All eXp agents have licensed Realtors, which means we belong to the National Association of Realtors and agree to abide by NAR’s stringent code of ethics. We will work to protect your interests and negotiate for the best terms on your behalf. We will also make sure you are provided with disclosures about the home, help arrange inspections, and re-negotiate repairs or warranties as necessary to safeguard your financial interests.

An experienced negotiator who knows the market can save you time, money and heartache by helping you make the right offer—playing hardball when necessary—and staying on top of the process. We can provide that expertise through all types of transactions from short sales to traditional offerings.

Transaction expertise
Transaction eXpertise
It might seem that the transfer of ownership of a home from one party to another should not be much more difficult than any other purchase.

 Unfortunately, it is much more complicated when dealing with real estate.  There are special rules & regulations, taxes, forms, and procedures that must be followed not only to complete the sale but to protect both parties involved in future litigation. In addition, the majority of home purchases involve a mortgage, which requires an additional set of paperwork in order to finalize the transaction.

Realtors are required to obtain a real estate license in their state of operation and must also participate in mandatory ongoing training to ensure they are educated on changing laws and contract requirements that impact the real estate market and ultimately, your purchase.

Disclosures, inspections, surveys, and title work are just a few of the elements crucial to a successful closing. Once a contract is signed, we work to operate in your best interest disclosing all relevant and available facts regarding the property and the transaction. We will help you to smoothly navigate through the process by facilitating each aspect for you.

experienced professionals lafayette realtors

eXperienced Professionals

Realtors are not the only real estate professionals you will need when purchasing a home. Mortgage lenders, appraisers, home inspectors, abstractors, and home insurance providers are just a few you will find necessary during your home-buying process.

In addition, you may require the services of electrical, plumbing, roofing or other general contractors. You may need packing and moving services to assist in you in your move. Home warranty companies can provide you with peace of mind on home repairs that you may encounter later.

We have access to all of these and more. We can act as a 'concierge' providing you with a list of qualified professionals that you may choose to assist you in your home repair or improvement needs.

Home Search Criteria

lafayette home location size and style
lafayette home for sale condition and price
eXplore the Path to Homeownership  

explore the path to home ownership in lafayette louisiana

lafayette real estate agent commission explained

Commissions eXplained
Homebuyers are sometimes reluctant to commit to a realtor due to confusion as to how a buyer's agent is paid. In fact, many erroneously believe that they will be paying the commission and therefore think they will save money by going it alone.

Real estate agents are prohibited from being paid a commission directly from the buyer. All real estate commissions are paid by the seller to the listing agent's broker. The amount of commission is determined by the listing agreement and the commission is split between the buying and listing brokers. The listing broker pays the buying agent's brokerage who then pays your agent.

Because of this arrangement, your agent may ask you to sign an exclusive buyer agreement. This agreement is a guarantee of compensation to your agent. A great agent will work hard on your behalf, searching and showing properties, offering unbiased market analysis, handling offers and negotiations, and assisting you through the closing process, This process can take weeks or sometimes months and a buyer agreement shows that you value their commitment and agree that they will be paid for their efforts on your behalf.
guide to home closing cost
Guide To Closing Costs
Closing costs vary by state and municipality due to different legal and fee requirements. Your Realtor can provide you with an estimate of these costs and your lender is required by federal law to provide you with a detailed disclosure prior to closing. Although most costs involved in a real estate transaction can be negotiated between buyer and seller, there are typical fees that are traditionally paid by one party or the other. Below is a summary of the most common charges:

Mandatory Costs:
FHA AND VA regulations require the seller to pay the following fees in an FHA or VA transaction, if applicable: assignment fee, flood certification fee, bring down endorsements, document preparation fees, photo/inspection fees, tax service contract, warehousing fees, or any other loan cost or charge except the following: prepaid interest, impounds on new loan, loan origination, loan discount fees or appraisal.
In addition, on a VA transaction the seller is required to pay the entire escrow fee.


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