Top Tips for Getting Around Louisiana by Car

Dated: April 24 2020

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Top Tips for Getting Around Louisiana by Car

Louisiana is the true melting pot of the southeastern United States. It is a blend of French, French-Canadian, African, and modern American cultures. Louisiana’s is famous for its jazz music, unique Cajun and Creole culture, and its annual Mardi Gras festival. This state offers a low cost of living, a strong economy, and a well-preserved culture. This makes it an ideal place to visit or reside. Below you will find top tips for getting around Louisiana by Car.

If you are planning a visit or moving to Louisiana, there are some important things that you need to know about getting around by car. Check out the following tips to learn valuable information that may save you time, frustration, and money.


New residents in Louisiana must transfer their out-of-state license within 30 days of living in the state. For initial issuance, an applicant must make an in-person appearance at the Office of Motor Vehicles. The required documents needed to transfer your license are a valid out-of-state driver’s license or record, primary identification document, secondary document, Social Security Verification, proof of insurance on any car you own, and proof of residency. Minors must meet further requirements. Vehicle inspection is also required for passenger vehicles to obtain a car tag.

Major Roads

Traveling on Louisiana’s major roads is a unique experience, so it is important to know what to look for. Not only should you watch out for other drivers, and drive defensively, but you should also be aware of signs and what they mean so you don’t get into an accident. A car accident can have major costs if you aren’t careful.

Some people who are new to Louisiana have run into trouble as well with colored curb zones for parking. If you park in an unauthorized area, expect to get a ticket or even have your vehicle towed and impounded. Make sure to know the indicators for parking in whatever areas you visit.

Driving Conditions

Driving conditions in Louisiana can vary. It’s well-known that the roads rank poorly. They are said to be congested and crumbling. These road conditions cost Louisiana drivers billions of dollars each and every year. Also, Louisiana’s weather can be somewhat unpredictable. This is especially the case if you’re in the coastal area of Louisiana. Depending on the weather, there may be heavy downpours or road closures due to flooding. It’s super important to take a look at the forecast and even check Louisiana traffic and road closure information just to be on the safe side.

General Rules of the Road

You need to be aware of multiple laws to drive safely and legally on Louisiana’s roads. although there are a lot of laws that are based strictly on Common Sense and are pretty much the same from state to state, they’re also laws interspecific to Louisiana. You need to know The laws that you may not be accustomed to following.

Child Restraint

Seat belts are a requirement for all drivers and passengers in trucks, cars, and vans. Children that are less than 60 lbs. or under 6 years of age are not permitted in the front seat. Children less than 20 lbs. must be in a rear-facing car seat. Children 1 to 4 years old between 20 and 40 lbs. must ride in front-facing car seats. Also, any child who is 6 years of age or older or weighs more than 60 lbs. must ride in a booster seat or wear a seat belt

Cell Phones

Drivers 17 and under may not use cell phones or other devices while driving. No driver is permitted to text and drive. It is pretty normal for most drivers to listen to the car radio, but some people choose to use headphones or earbuds for listening to music or making phone calls. This poses a problem since headphones can obstruct a driver’s hearing and increase the chance of an accident. It is illegal to drive while wearing headphones in Louisiana.

Overall, getting around Louisiana isn’t too hard. Both visiting and living in the state are great experiences. There is so much to do, see, and enjoy. To keep safe and worry-free, educate yourself on state laws. Know the rules of the road and take the necessary precautions. Once you are prepared and know all of the laws, you can focus on having fun.

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