Six Lafayette July 4th TimeFillers For Celebration Pauses

Dated: July 2 2018

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For the most Lafayette July 4th celebrants, the period between the last barbecued hot dog and the first firework (even if it’s only on TV) can drag on so long that it threatens the festivities.

Times like these may not quite try men’s (or Moms’) souls, but they do cry out for creative diversions like word games, foam football tosses, or—in extreme cases—trivia. As a public service for those in need of sparking Independence Day trivia, here are Lafayette July 4th trivia I present in the form of six quiz questions. Warning: the answers may be stranger than you think:


1. When was the first July 4th celebration in the White House?

    A. 1776

    B. 1781

    C. 1801

    D. 1866


2. Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence on

    A. July 5

    B. a Tuesday

    C. a birch-bark canoe frame

    D. a laptop


3. The percentage of imported U.S. flags that come from China is

    A. 99%

    B. About 50%

    C. Less than 10%

    D. 87.5%  


4. The Star-Spangled Banner’s “bombs bursting in air” burst in which war?

    A. Boer War

    B. American Revolution

    C. Civil War

    D. War of 1812


5. The number of people living in the U.S. in 1776 was

    A. 750,000

    B. 6 million

    C. 25 million

    D. 2.5 million


6. Two other places which celebrate their country’s liberation on July 4th are

    A. Canada and Mexico

    B. Canada and Mozambique

    C. Canada and Bermuda

    D. Rwanda and the Philippines

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