Quick Home Improvements that Make an Impact

Dated: July 2 2020

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Owning a home involves effective money management and the ability to determine when and how to complete various home improvement projects. Because home upkeep is so important to your financial investment in the home, it makes sense to complete quick home improvement projects that make an impact on your home's appearance and value.


It's helpful to have a small notebook or journal devoted to your plans for your home. Having a handy notebook that centers on your home will keep you focused and moving ahead to protect your investment. Any home improvements that you want to complete can be recorded in this notebook.


To spur some ideas on quick home improvements that will have a real impact on your home's value, survey the list below. Then, you can add any additional home improvement projects you'd like to complete to your own notebook.


1.      Paint the outside of your front door.

A bright, contrasting-painted door says, "Welcome" as no other improvement does. The cost of painting your front door is minimal but the impact is great.

2.      Clean and paint your front porch. As people approach your front door, they can't help but notice the condition of your front porch. Is it clean? Is it painted a color that complements your home?

·         Set a couple of well-placed chairs with a small outdoor table and a large potted plant on a clean porch surface and you've completed a quick home improvement that will make your home more inviting.

3.      Pressure wash the exterior of your house. Over the years, dirt and grime gets stuck on the surface of your home's exterior, which is difficult to remove. Pressure washing your home will clean and remove debris and brighten its appearance.

·         Although pressure washing your house involves physical labor, the results will be worth it.

4.      Wash all the windows in your home inside and out. Washing windows is a project that involves very little cost. All you need is a bucket, a good squeegee and some cleaning rags. Put a drop of dish detergent in very hot water in your bucket and you're ready to begin.

·         Clean windows show that your property is loved and well cared for.


5.      Clean the lighting fixtures in your home. Ensure lights are switched off when cleaning them. Then, replace burned-out bulbs and worn-out lamps. Simply get your spray glass cleaner and an old cloth made from a t-shirt and go from room to room, cleaning every light fixture in the house. This quick home improvement will make every room shine.

6.      Paint trim molding (baseboard) to freshen up an entire room's appearance. Believe it or not, sometimes, all you have to do to make a room look new again is to paint the trim. Whether it's a dark brown stain or a bright white paint, freshening up the trim will bring out the room's color again.

Home improvement projects don't have to be big or costly. Quick, inexpensive touchups can make a considerable impact on the look and value of your home. If you list all the quick home improvement projects you want to complete in your notebook, you'll be more efficient at completing them. Try some of these quick home improvements to make an impact on your home.

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