How to Rid Your Home of Clutter

Dated: June 11 2020

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How to Rid Your Home of Clutter

It is not uncommon to accumulate a little "junk" that is taking up space in your home for no good reason. While this junk is harmless when kept to a minimum, psychologists suggest that excess clutter can cause feelings of stress and despair. Fortunately, there are a number of measures you can take if you feel the clutter in your home is beginning to negatively affect your quality of life.


Throw Out Your Junk

This first step will seem like a no-brainer to many. However, you will find the emotional attachments you form to items in your home make it a lot more difficult to throw them away than it may sound.

You can start your mission to throw out the junk that is cluttering your home by gathering things like electronics, games, and appliances that are either broken or no longer performing as designed. Into the same pile, you should also toss your broken jewelry and any old make-up you will not use. Other items you should clear from your home during the first wave of your decluttering efforts include clothes and linen that show excessive signs of wear, toys that are broken or no longer operational and old craft supplies. If you’re having trouble figuring out what to throw out, you might want to hire a professional organizer to help you.

Organize Books and Stacks of Paper

Organizing the clutter that is caused by books, magazines and stacks of paper is especially challenging for many people due to the constant influx of these items into their homes. In your home, there should be a designated place to store books when you are not reading them. In most cases, a small bookshelf will suffice. You can also reserve space on your shelf for current issues of magazines or newspapers you read. Plan to toss them after reading. If you are a collector of magazines, you will need to set up additional storage space in an attic, closet, or another place in your home that will not contribute to clutter.

Tips for dealing with paper clutter include:

  • Creating a filing system
  • Using a binder to store coupons
  • Entering information from business cards and other physical documents into a digital database
  • Hanging your photos or storing them in a photo album
  • Designating a system for papers that requires you to take immediate action

Invest in More Storage

There are times when you will find it necessary to generate creative storage ideas to facilitate your decluttering efforts. Once you have identified the ideal location in your home for storage, you should give serious thought to the containers you purchase. Square containers usually offer much more efficiency for space-saving than round or oddly shaped ones do. You should also stay away from buying containers in sets because these will usually include containers of various sizes that will not stack well in the space you select for storage.

When you find that space inside your home is insufficient, a modular garage will allow you to take advantage of the space outside of your home. Modular garages can store a variety of items so they are no longer cluttering your property.

Landscape Your Property

The clutter that can negatively affect your life can also accumulate in your yard through both an overaccumulation of physical items and an overgrowth of greenery. You can start decluttering your yard by removing pots, benches and other items that are not in use. You should then group the items that remain in an organized fashion that contributes to a single focal point for your terrain.

Next, you should remove plants that have overgrown the spaces for which they were originally intended. You can also prune and trim overgrown shrubs and trees. Don't forget to remove the cuttings as well as any dead tree branches or spent flower blooms that have accumulated on your property.

Donate Clothes

Over the years, you have quite probably accumulated more clothing than you can wear. A great deal of it is undoubtedly still in good repair, but it's not likely to come out of the closet again anytime soon. This can happen for a number of reasons, including weight gain, weight loss, or a change in dress style. These clothes are much more valuable to someone who wants or needs them than they are to you at the back of your closet. If you do not have family and friends who want these items, there are many great charities that will make sure your unused clothing benefits someone who needs it.

Clear Counters

Flat spaces are a magnet for clutter. There is no problem if a flat space in your home is used as a base for an appliance like a toaster or microwave, but these spaces should not be areas where paper and other miscellaneous items accumulate. Make a walkthrough of your home and address one flat surface at a time. Anything you do not need to access immediately or that has no real purpose should be either discarded or stored properly.

Use a "Maybe" Box

There will be times during the decluttering process when the choice to keep or discard an item will not be so simple to make. This usually applies to items you have not used in a while but feel you may want or need in the future. There are also items that hold so much sentimental attachment you can't easily part with them. Simply place these items in a maybe box that is out of sight, and sort through them at a later date to make a final decision.

Clear the Medicine Cabinet

Some people keep medicines and other things pertaining to their health all over the house. These things should be kept in the bathroom medicine cabinet or another designated location. First, throw away outdated medicines and creams, old bandages, and other things that serve only to take up space. Once these things are eliminated from your home, you can arrange the remaining medicines in a neat and organized manner.

Everyone experiences a bit of light clutter in their home from time to time. but when this clutter begins to affect the way you think and feel, it's a sign that immediate action is needed. The eight tips above provide an excellent plan of action you can employ to address the issue of clutter in your home.

Ridding your home of clutter is an important step if you’re planning on staging your home to sell it. Once you’re ready to sell, contact us so we can help you make the sale!

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