Home Design Trends That Young Buyers Should Look For

Dated: May 21 2020

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Home Design Trends That Young Buyers Should Look For

Many home design features are tailored specifically for the young buyer demographic, and there are many popular elements you should look for in your future house. A return to simplicity, maximization of space, focus on eco-friendly living, and more are important trends to include in your new home.

Neutral Color Schemes

Neutral colors are a growing trend that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Neutral colors show off your furnishings and textures better than bold colors do, and it is far easier to grow tired of unique shades than classic colors. They are easier to choose, lighten the mood, and more.

Neutral color schemes are versatile. They work well with any style, and they never get old. Neutral colors also offer opportunities to experiment with accent colors and patterns in order to easily liven up any room. When looking for a new home, it’s a great idea to start out with neutrals—they’re easy to change and build upon, like a blank canvas. Also, neutral color schemes increase resale value—they have great mass appeal.

Efficient Utility Usage

Home design is encouraging more efficient utility usage, and this is another trend you’ll want to keep an eye out for. More efficient utility design means you’ll save money, increase your level of comfort, and have a healthier living environment. For example, home insulation reduces heating and cooling costs and creates a quieter, more comfortable home, and energy-efficient lighting can reduce your energy use by as much as 75%. In addition, monthly water heating bills can be reduced by choosing a high efficiency or tankless water heater.

Sustainable Building

Society as a whole is gravitating towards more intentional and environmentally conscious living. Sustainable and environmentally friendly home building has become more and more important, and thus more and more popular. Eco-friendly design elements such as natural building materials, eco-friendly landscaping, double-glazing windows, and water-efficient appliances allow homeowners to lower heat and power consumption and reduce their waste. In addition, sustainably built homes last longer and are better able to withstand the elements.

There are particular benefits of a custom design if you want to be more eco-friendly. Being involved in the design of your home allows you to maximize sustainability and incorporate whatever eco-friendly features you want, as well as avoid less environmentally friendly choices that may not otherwise be evident or in your power to change.

Outdoor Living Areas50 new home features buyers want | Pro Builder

Outdoor living areas, especially outdoor kitchens, are another great asset to a home. A patio, eating area, or other functional space out of doors can be a place to connect with others, whether that be by spending time with family or entertaining guests. Many people also value being able to combine the indoors and outdoors, allowing them to move common indoor activities, such as eating, cooking, and even sleeping, outside into the fresh air and beauty of nature. Buyers are moving outdoor living spaces from their wish lists to their list of must-haves.

Open Floor Plans5 model home design features we love

Overly structured floor plans are not as popular now as they once were. Open plan living allows for easier multi-tasking and greater freedom in the use of space; there is more room for individualism and freedom of expression than is possible in a structured layout.

An open floor plan gives a small space a larger feel and makes it easier to entertain, fostering a social environment. The kitchen, a great place for congregation, becomes a focal point. An open floor plan also allows for natural light to fill a greater portion of your home. In addition, open floor plans promote safety—you’re able to easily see a large part of your home from one spot.

Natural Light

  Building a Custom Home? Include These Unique Features | Extra ...

Exposure to natural light is another thing to take into consideration when choosing a home. Natural sunlight is good for your physical and mental health—it improves sleep by keeping your body on a natural schedule and reduces the need for fluorescent lights, therefore reducing the negative health effects of such lighting. Natural light is especially good for people with light-related health issues, such as seasonal affective disorder. Capitalizing on natural sunlight can also help you be more productive and save on energy costs.

Minimalist Design

Warm Minimalism in a Los Angeles Family Home – Design*Sponge

Trends are turning from accessory-rich design to functionality-focused minimalism. Minimalism is usually, uncomplicated, and open. This essentials-only style gives smaller houses the illusion of largeness and allows for more efficient use of space. The design’s simplicity promotes decluttering and makes for easier cleaning. If a room is too cluttered or complicated, you can become physically anxious—minimalist home design can even improve your health and help keep you calm.

Smart Home Technology

Security Cameras | Acadian Total Security

Acadian Total Security provides only the best smart security cameras that are connected to your home security system, powered by Alarm.com and monitored locally by our trained security professionals.

Smart home technology is another trend you should look for while house hunting. Houses with built-in smart devices and innovative technology are in high demand. Gadgets such as a smart thermostat, as well as smart lighting, security, and appliances, are popular, often worth the investment, and high on many young buyers’ wish lists.

The up-and-coming generations are technologically savvy and prioritize convenience and connection; smart homes check those boxes. Smart home systems can sync with owners’ smartphones, allowing for easier management and greater control of the different aspects of their home. Using your phone, you could turn off the lights, lock your doors, and manage your home security system, all from the ease and comfort of your bed. If you’d rather not invest in a hub to create a single user interface, there are other options for beginning your smart home in a less expensive way.

Home design trends usually become popular for a reason—and looking out for certain trends when buying a home can make a big difference for your health, your finances, your safety, and even your impact on your planet. When shopping for a new house, be sure to look out for the right tech, lighting, and other design trends in order to make the most of your purchase and your time spent living in your new home.

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