8 Tips for Making Your Curb Appeal Attract More Potential Buyers

Dated: June 17 2020

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If you’re getting ready to sell your home, you want to make sure you’ll be able to get as much money for it as you can. Many people who sell their homes put a lot of work into fixing up the interior of their home when preparing it for potential buyers, but the exterior curb appeal is just as important. Aesthetics matters—it will help potential buyers form good first impressions about your home before they even walk inside. Here are eight tips to increase the curb appeal of your home and attract more potential buyers.


1. Give Some Love to Your Garden

Taking care of your garden can help increase the curb appeal of your home. A well-kept garden shows potential buyers that you are a homeowner who cares about your home enough in order to make it look its best. If you don’t have a garden already, it’s a good idea to consider planting some fresh greenery and flowers. These can help you highlight the beauty of your home’s architecture. Make sure to plant the right plants in areas where they will thrive. Some plants require more sun than others.  In less shady spots, consider planting full sun plants since they require more sun.

2. Trim Your Trees

Trimming your trees is a great way to boost your curb appeal. Your trees are like the framework for the landscape of your yard. Just like a picture is enhanced or destroyed by the right or wrong frame, so too is your yard affected by the trees that surround it.  Everyone knows about the one rundown and un-kept lot that looks like it is right out of a horror film.  Don’t let your land become this!  Trimming your trees is like a good real estate haircut.  It shows the public that you are willing to invest in your plot and that you are a responsible person.

3. Freshen Up the Front Door

We have all heard the term “the eyes are the window to the soul”.  In the housing world, you could say “the front door is the door to the soul”.  The front door is a key element to a house because oftentimes the front door is the first physical interaction between a person and a home.  It is imperative that the front door stays in good condition.  Invest in a quality front door that meets your needs and is fashionable.  If your door is painted, stained, or varnished, make sure that the product is a high-grade exterior paint that can endure the elements for many years.  Also, make sure that the paint and varnish do not fade or yellow from elemental exposure over time.  Wash your front door often, and oil the hinges if needed.

4. Fix Your Fence

Much like trees, fences can help frame your yard.  Remember the old American archetype of the nice-looking house with the freshly painted white picket fence in front? There is a reason that this scene is used in creating the ideal American home.  This image creates a homey and nostalgic feel. Well-kept fences show that you care about your property, and if you care about your property that means that you care about your home and family. A good fence helps show pride in your property, and this enhances the curb appeal. Make sure your fence is in good condition and fixed from any damage.

5. Repaint Your House

A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference.  A rusty classic car rolling down the road may draw some looks, but people will be more apt to stare at a freshly painted, shiny car that looks like it means business.  Paint has the magical ability to make an object look new or look like it is so old it shouldn’t be around anymore. Make sure that you are on the right side of history when it comes to painting your house.  Get a good exterior paint that will hold up under the elements.  Make sure that the paint job looks professional and that it is done carefully.  If you don’t have the time or money to repaint your house, getting it power washed can be a good second choice.

6. Take Care of Your Lawn

No one is attracted to a lawn full of weeds and un-kept grass. Having a poorly kept lawn is a subliminal message that the owner does not care about their property.  Make sure that your lawn does not fit this bill!  Fertilize and reseed your lawn as needed.  Water and trim your lawn frequently.  Make sure that any landscape islands are well kept.  A lawn in pristine condition is critical for a good impression.

7. Clean Your Gutters

It is natural for your gutters to fill with debris over time.  However, it is not natural to see grass growing on your roof!  Unfortunately, this can happen if enough debris is allowed to build up in your gutters. Bad gutters will also cause water to the runoff in unwanted areas, allowing for erosion and other watermarks on your lawn.  Clean your gutters at least twice a year. Keep them in good repair and be quick about replacing damaged and defective gutter and downspout pieces.

8. Update Your Décor

Décor is the fashionable clothing of houses.  If you saw someone walking down the road in a hoop skirt and bonnet, you might wonder why they haven’t updated their style with the times.  This same thought can pass through our heads consciously or subconsciously when we see outdated décor on a house.  Why don’t these people replace their sun-faded and cracked wood numbers with bright new gold or silver ones?  Why is their mailbox so close to death that it looks as if one dirty look from the neighborhood stray is all it would take for it to fall over? Do these lawn decorations belong in an ancient ruin? Take the time to invest in the little things that make your home more inviting.  New house numbers, mailboxes, and lawn décor bring a new life to your house and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

These eight small and simple tips will help your house increase its curb appeal.  Follow these tips and you will soon have one of the best-looking houses on the block!

It’s a great idea to improve your curb appeal if you’re trying to sell your house. Once you’re ready to sell, contact us so we can help!

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